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CVHAM's Mission

We help to provide low-cost primary healthcare, basic dental care as well as mental health counseling to uninsured professional working musicians in the Central Virginia area.



Eligibility Requirements And Application

CVHAM Board of Directors

501(C)(3) Application



If you are an uninsured, professional musician in the Central Virginia area, you may be eligible for low-cost primary health care services, basic dental care and mental health counseling through CVHAM, the Central Virginia Health Alliance for Musicians.



Greetings Central Virginia, CVHAM is proud to announce that we received our 501(C)(3) determination letter with an approval which backdates to May of 2012. Anyone that made donations in excess of the $250.00 limit can use it as a tax deduction for 2012. If you need a copy of the letter, contact me at randy@cvham.org and I will get you a copy.

Also, CVHAM and the Charlottesville Free Clinic have partnered together to help in providing care for our uninsured Musicians. We now have choices for our Musicians and all we need are lots of Applications to process. Click the link on the left side of this page where it says "Eligibility Requirements and Applications" when the page opens, print it off, fill it out and call me at 434-566-2020 and I will walk you through the process and discuss your options. Looking forward to a great 2013 and being able to help our Working Uninsured Musicians get needed Medical care, Dental care and Mental Health Counseling. Looking forward to getting your Applications in and processed.

The CVHAM Board of Directors

CVHAM Program

Please call CVHAM at (434) 964-6529 to set up an appointment for an eligibility interview. When you come to your appointment, please bring your completed application, and all documentation needed to determine your eligibility.

Interview locations may vary from time to time to make it as convenient as possible for applicants.

This process will determine if a musician is eligible for limited, low-cost primary care services, basic dental services as well as mental health counseling.

Other resources may be available to musicians who do not meet all of the current criteria. CVHAM urges all Uninsured Working Musicians to apply. Let the staff review your application as well as your verifying documents to the appropriate agency that will best serve your individual circumstances.

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